LOM Plays Kickball with the Milwaukee Community Kickball League

This year the League of Martin created a kickball team in the Milwaukee Community Kickball (MCKL), League of Martin Guardians. There was a huge disconnect between citizens in MKE and law enforcement and like the other members of LOM, we wanted to assist in bridging the gap. The MCKL gave us an opportunity to interact with our community in a totally different way. By playing kickball every Sunday, rain or shine, we built friendships with other individuals who are doing great works in MKE.

Although we took a lot of loses, the partnerships we built were well worth it. On our own time we recruited residents to become future MKE police officers and tutored current applicants throughout the process. We took the initiative to do this and everything we do solely as representatives of the League of Martin. We do not receive any accolades for what we do nor do we need any. We do what we do because we are supposed to.

Thank you to all the MCKL teams for all the love you have shown us. Thank you to the community for supporting us and thank you to the League of Martin Guardian kickball team for showing up every Sunday. Without your dedication we could not do what we do.

LOM #Bridgingthegap

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