The League of Martin

Gregorie McKay Scholorship


Who is Gregorie McKay


Gregorie was a committed husband and father, instilling those same values in all five of his sons.  He kept his family close and unconditionally loved all 14 of his grandchildren.  He truly believed in family, community, and education.  He never stopped learning and even went back to school 25 years later to earn his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice summa cum laude.

Gregorie had a strong sense of community and touched many lives during his short 58 years on this earth.  Being a police officer from the community he felt it was extremely important to bridge the gap between his community and the police force.  During his 20-year career he served in various roles including Police Officer in District 7, Community Services Officer/G.R.E.A.T. Instructor, Police Athletic League Facilitator, Recruit Officer, Police Aid Instructor, Fitness Coordinator, and the Health and Wellness Coordinator at the Police Academy. In each of these roles he always wanted to ensure he was connected with his community resulting in his active role with the school squad, which was a proactive policing program helping to create a positive change between school age children and the police.  He also served as a Police Athletic League (PAL) facilitator.    While being a PAL facilitator he organized various outings for children, offering free tutoring twice a week, provided gifts for children in need around the holiday, and created the first high school girls’ basketball league. As he transitioned over to the academy, he worked diligently to ensure minority candidates received the physical, emotional and academic support they needed to successfully become police officers.  He continuously pushed candidates to ensure they were able to meet the physical requirements as well as the educational requirements to be a Milwaukee police officer.  He even went as far as providing the supplies the officers required such as shoes, undergarments, shirts, and more to ensure their success.  Furthermore, he focused on providing the recruits with real world experience that could not be taught in a book, the type of experience that would save them in the streets and help them make a real impact in the community.

He was big man in stature and he cast a big presence wherever he went.  Family, friends, and people in general where drawn to him, his ability to read and judge people not only saved his life but helped many others.   He was a super hero to many of his friends growing up, a mentor to the new police recruits and a role model to his sons and family.  His life will continue to impact the community through all the numerous lessons and lectures that he taught his family, friends, and recruits. His legacy continues to impact anyone who had the privilege to interact with him



  1. Scholarship Description:


The League of Martin (LOM) offers scholarships to support students seeking an associate or bachelor’s degree in law enforcement.


Amount: $1000


Deadline:  September 24, 2018


  1. Criteria


  • Wisconsin resident, graduating seniors, returning students

  • Accepted or attending an accredited technical school, college or university.  School must offer a Criminal Justice Program

  • Preference will be given to students pursuing a career in law enforcement

  1.  Process


  • Complete application on The League of Martin Website

  • Resume

  • Official transcripts

  • Two letters of recommendations:  one from a scholastic contact and one from a community contact.  Both letters should include contact information.  Letters written by relatives of the applicant are not allowed.

  • The applicant must write a 500 word minimum essay, authored by the applicant, describing as to why he or she wants to pursue a career as a Law Enforcement Officer.  The essay must be typed, double-space, black ink on white paper, using Times New Roman or Arial font style and 12 pt font size.


  1. Applications will be reviewed for:

  • Ambitiousness and desire to be a part of the Criminal Justice Field

  • Demonstration of knowledge and commitment to a career in the Criminal Justice Field

  • Does the applicant demonstrate leadership and willingness to learn


All applicants will be notified by October 1, 2018.  Notification will be sent by email to the email account listed on the resume.  Letters will be mailed to those selected to receive the scholarship.  The recipients of the scholarship will be acknowledge at the annual League of Martin Ball on Saturday, October 27, 2018.  The LOM Ball will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn at 11600 West Park Place, Milwaukee, WI  53224.



For questions and additional information, please contact Sheronda Grant, Scholarship Coordinator, or Debbie Allen, LOM Secretary by email at or by phone at 414-455-0710.