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Pioneers in Law Enforcement

“Blaze A Trail”



Some people

 are always looking for

the well-worn path that will lead  to success,

fulfillment and  happiness.

Maybe there is no path

to where you want to go.

Paths, like people,

are unique.

Paths which have led others to

their mountain tops,

may have been blazed by those people.





Homer J. Brown

Sergeant Milwaukee Police Department

27 years of services from 1969 to 1997

Sgt. Brown started his career at District #5 and worked patrol for 14 years. He was promoted in 1984 to Sergeant and worked at District #7, at the city jail, and working the last nine years in the traffic section.


William S. Brunner

Deputy Sheriff II

26½ years of service from 1956 to 1982


Deputy Brunner worked in various areas of the Sheriff’s Department, the County jail, as a process server, prisoner conveyance, intake desk, and as a Court Bailiff. Deputy Brunner was the second black to be hired by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department. Working for the Sheriff’s Department enabled him to get his Associate’s Degree from Marquette University.


Joseph L. Butts

Deputy Sheriff Detective

28½ years of service from 1963 to 1991


Detective Butts worked for the Sheriff’s Department in the courts, patrol, cycle, and the detective bureau. He was the 1st black to be assigned regular squad patrol duties in several South Suburban communities of Milwaukee County.  Butts also was the 1st black to be assigned to undercover drug investigation duties in suburban communities.  He conducted internal investigation, worked organized crimes unit and investigated crimes throughout Milwaukee County. Detective Butts also wrote a book about his experiences titled, “Crime & Other Critical Social Ills as Seen Behind the Badge”.


Janet T. Carter

Police Woman Officer Milwaukee P. D.

8 years of service from 1969 to 1977

Ms. Carter was assigned to the youth aid bureau and worked in the Vice Squad. She worked special security namely; security for Coretta Scott King, wife of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She was the first women to take the sergeant’s examination on the Milwaukee Police Department and also worked at District #7.


Felmers D. Chaney

Sergeant Milwaukee P.D.

36 years of service from 1947 to 1983

Sergeant Chaney worked at the 1st District, youth aid division, and the 5# District. After leaving the police department he continued to fight for injustice through the NAACP in the city of Milwaukee. He served as the Milwaukee Chapter president for many years.


Francis Burdette Estrada

Captain Milwaukee County Sheriff Dept.

27 years of service from 1963 to 1990

Estrada was the 1st black to enter the Milwaukee Police Department through the Police Aid Program. He was also the 1st black to attain the rank of Captain in the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department.

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